Fall In Vermont

October 13, 2017

Fall in Vermont...

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Passage Though Italy - an ebook for you.

May 06, 2017

I’m very proud to announce my new photo ebook "Passage Through Italy". With more than 40 images the book transports you...

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Late Afternoon Sun

March 24, 2017

Late Afternoon Sun over ...

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Winter Surf

December 28, 2016

Burr! The coastline becomes rugged as you move along...

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Hoodoo You Love #3

December 08, 2016

,,, I finally got to editing this particular image of the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon,,,

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Place Royale

October 22, 2015

This is Place Royal of the city of Québéc whose stones were first laid nearly 400 years ago in 1608. At the center of the original collection of portside buildings is Notre Dame des Victoires (Our Lady Of Victories) which was constructed shortly after the founding of the city....

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There Is Something About Vermont

October 11, 2015

I don't know what it is. But, the towns look like they're from the Gilmore Girls set. The people are happy, intelligent and scream independence. At the same time they'll will aid you in any way possilbe. It's just a wonderful place. I was feeling the Bern!

This is the town common in Brandon Vermont.

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The Colors Are Coming

September 29, 2015

The hardwoods of New England and north Atlantic states are singing their swan song with a supporting chorus of yellow, orange and red.  The crisp air of fall refreshes the senses yet delivers a silent warning of the long, gray winter ahead.  

Here is the view of the famous trout fishing area on the Ausable River as it flows between Lake Placid and Wilmington, NY.  It's time to get in those last casts. 

We're heading through Maine, Québec and Vermont soon to catch this wonderful spectacle.  I'll be posting photos from the road so keep coming back!

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Heading To Québec

September 20, 2015

We visited Québec this time last year and on that trip we ran into this spooky "ghost tour" that is popular with visitors.  

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Look Me Right In The Eye

September 13, 2015

Every Teton National Park brochure warns you that many visitors have been gored by bison and bison have no problem catching you as they can run three times faster than humans.

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